Late Breaking Digital News!

What's new in the world of digital? Today, find out about "Yam" technology and a new Wireless VR.

Yam video-based Q&A app puts story-telling front and center

The resurgence of Q&A is upon us. Entering the ring with Justin Kan's newly announced Whale, Yam is looking to offer a video-based question and answer platform that puts focus on story-telling. The idea for Yam came when Yam founder Michael Cho was using Reddit for an AMA about a near-fatal plane crash he was in.

MIT's new MoVR system makes wireless VR possible with any headset

Wireless VR will do a lot to help the tech become more viable, since dealing with your heavy cable umbilical on Oculus and HTC Vive right now is a pain. MIT has created a new wireless communication system designed specifically for VR that could unburden us for truly immersive VR experiences.

Google Redirect Updates

Google webmaster trends analyst Gary Illyes said on July 26th that if you use a 301, 302, or any 3xx redirect (a redirect is coding to change URL paths on your web site), you won't lose any ranking for your web pages. Search Engine Land's news editor Barry Schwartz asked Google's John Mueller about it, and Mueller explained it has been like this "for a while". He also related that it's great that Google is no longer "penalizing" 3xx redirects which can contribute to a reduction of your site's page ranking.

Changing Landscape for Local Business

Google has added social profiles and icons to their local knowledge graph (a process Google launched in May 2012) that understands facts about people, places and other elements and how these entities are all connected. It used to be only larger organizations that had their social icons showing in the local knowledge graph. To be sure your business doesn't miss out, confirm all of your business information is up to date, accurate, and complete across all of your online properties. This includes your profile on Google My Business, your local listings, social profiles, and review sites.